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How to adjust your bracelet and other product tips

How to adjust your Flyvines bracelet

Attach your sunglass retainer to your sunglasses

Tips on using your Flyvines lanyard

FAQ: What do I do if I loosened my bracelet too much?

FAQ: How do I return an item?

If for any reason you don't like the product you received, you have 30 days from the time of purchase to return the item for an exchange or refund. We do no accept returns that have been worn or used. Just package up the product and return it to Flyvines, 429 S 1st St, Missoula, MT 59801. Include a note in the package with your name, address, and reason for return.

FAQ: My Flyvines Product broke, what do I do?

We will replace any product that had a defect when it was received, please send us an email at info@flyvines.com with your product details, and correct shipping address. 

FAQ: What color of product do you have in stock?

Our product is made out of recycled fly line, so it is always changing, based on the line we received.  Having said this, we usually can accommodate your request.  In the comment box, you can mention a color you prefer, or a color to avoid, and we do our best to accommodate you.   If you have a very specific color combination you are looking for, we recommend you select the customized option.  Basic colors of fly line are: Black/Brown/Green/Yellow/Blue/Orange/White/Grey.  Custom: Red/Navy Blue/Purple/Pink

FAQ: How do I submit a photo to Flyvines?

Best way to get a photo to us is to tag us on Instagram (@flyvinesmt) or Facebook (@flyvines), or you can email it to us at info@flyvines.com

FAQ: I am interested in Flyvines making me a custom product, do you guys do that?

Send us an email at info@flyvines.com with the details, we can review and offer you a quote.

FAQ: Does Flyvines ship to other countries?

Send us an email at info@flyvines.com, we are able to create your order, and send you an invoice through PayPal.

FAQ: What is the best phone number to reach Flyvines?

We ask that you send us an email with our question to info@flyvines.com, we are on the road so much, that phone messages sometimes get missed, but if we have an email account, we will always get back to you. 

FAQ: How long does it take for my product to be shipped?

Orders are typically shipped  within 2 days, unless it is customized, and shipping through the USPS typically takes 2-3 business days.  

FAQ: Interested in becoming a Flyvines Pro Staff?

Go to www.flyvines.com/pro and fill out our form, we will review, and be in touch!

FAQ: Want to be added to our monthly email list that sends out discount codes?

 - Send us an email at info@flyvines.com with the Subject line saying  “Monthly Discount”

FAQ: Looking for a donation from Flyvines?


FAQ: I own a retail store and would like to carry the Flyvines Product?

Send us an email at info@flyvines.com and we can get you our wholesale prices.