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Recycle your old Fly Line

Get a piece of product as a Thank You!

Flyvines products are made out of 100% recycled fly line, so we can never get enough line.

Donate Your Fly Lines to:

210 N Higgins, Suite 309
Missoula, MT 59802

Please include a note in the box with your return address, and if you have a preferred piece of product between – lanyard, retainer, keychain, or bracelet- that you would like to show our appreciation.  Only one item is given every 6 months.  

** If you are looking to have an item made out of the line you are donating, please include your email address, this will be a $5 charge, and we only donate one item.

If you are a shop looking to donate your line, please put a note in the box, and we will send you samples of our product for you and your shop members.  We offer a 10% discount to shops who recycle their old fly line with us. 

Flyvines only ships donation packages within the United States.